Benefits for Building Owners and Managers

By replacing condensate traps with the CostGard™ Condensate Drain Seal, building owners and managers can realize immediate and tangible cost benefits, including reduction in:

  • Routine maintenance effort
  • Emergency service calls (e.g., blocked and empty traps)
  • Damage to air conditioning equipment (and thus increasing equipment life)
  • Damage to surrounding property
  • Damage to building contents
  • Indoor air contamination and health threatening conditions

In terms of life cycle costs, these savings are enormous since the price of the CostGard™ Condensate Drain Seal is often less than one service call to clean or replace a p-trap—not including all the other property damage and health threatening conditions that accompany trap failures.

Furthermore, it is a reality that no level of truly “sustainable green building” is possible unless draw-through air conditioning systems are equipped with the CostGard™ Condensate Drain Seal or its equivalent, and we know of no equivalent.

As you evaluate the use of the CostGard™ Condensate Drain system, you will note that building owners and managers are the only entities involved in the air conditioning industry that benefit from the cost reduction provided by reliable drain systems. Others are not enthusiastic, for good reasons. Your savings come from eliminating maintenance and service of failure-prone p-traps, which reduce the contractor’s work and business level.* And, reduced damage to air conditioning equipment, which is estimated to increase equipment life about 5 years, will have a significant impact on the manufacturer’s future production. This amounts to a reduction in production rate of about 25% percent or more. See Reference 1: "New Drain Seal Replaces The P-Trap"

*The significance of this issue is indicated by the warranty contractor's often place on drain systems with p-traps. For example, contractors’ drain system warranty is commonly 60 days, while compressors and coils carry 5 to 10-year warranties. See 60 Day Warranty

Reference 1: Trent, W. & Trent, C. (2000, November). New Drain Seal Replaces The P-Trap. Facilities Design and Management, 46-48.

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